Let’s do dinner

When was the last time you took a group of your best-est friends out to dinner? Not just a casual BBQ in a park, but a proper grown-up restaurant meal?

Brief emails quickly flung out between tweets and texts keep me mostly connected to my friends. I know they’re grumpy today, and that they have watched a funny video of a cat. I have seen their holiday pictures and promised in emails to catch up soon. Promise.

To celebrate our extremely small family-only wedding, I organised a couple of dinners with friends. I sought out suitable venues, pondered menus and hand-scribbled invitations. It felt so outrageously old-fashioned …

We had a great time at the dinners, and my guests told me that they did too. No matter how many witty Facebook updates I read, or stuttering text messages I send, it’s Just Not The Same as meeting in person.

Sometimes you just need to put on a nice frock/smart shirt and eat a lovely meal with friends (without having to wash up afterwards). After that you can:

  • Write an online review of the meal
  • Tweet about what you ate
  • Upload the digital pictures
  • Update Facebook about your night out
  • Email your friends to say how much you enjoyed yourself
  • Blog about it

Then retreat to your digital cave and warm yourself by the virtual fire.

Brought to you by the Interweb – table decorations for Christmas, with extra Elvis

It’s a bit early, but have you thought about how you might be celebrating Christmas with friends and family? I found some interesting table decoration ideas. Check out the Elvis-themed table ….

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