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Lego is blog superfood

I’ve been suffering from an extreme case of blog procrastination. If this blog was a small child, well-meaning strangers would frown at its unsuitable footwear and thin arms.

But hooray! All the planets are aligned, the Interweb is working, and my hands are warm enough to type.

Quite a few people stumble here by searching for Lego.  So to feed up my poor malnourished blog, here are some amusing Lego pictures. Does anyone ever get tired of cute Lego? Not me.

Lego minifig crocodile man

Grrrr. No idea what this Lego minifig is. Some poor man trapped in a crocodile suit?

Lego minifig hippy

We had a hard time trying to describe what ‘a hippy’ was to the kids.

Proof that I was in New York

I did make an ambitious claim several weeks ago that I would put up some pictures from my NY mini-break. Here they are:

New York Chinatown signs

The ancient Chinese culture and traditions on display in Chinatown.

New York September 11 memorial

The 9/11 memorial at sunset.

New York croissant cat

It’s a croissant cat!!

New York Central park

Central Park. It looks fake, doesn’t it? But it really was this pretty…

New York Met elephant vase

At The Met I found out that mid-18th century French porcelain could be terrifying.

So, the blog child-beast has been fed. And I can happily procrastinate away for another short while.

Here’s one I wrote earlier

Lego love for all the family. It really really hurts when I step on hard, sharp, pointy bits of Lego. I suffer through strange foot indentations because  Lego is wonderful.

Too lazy for words. Greetings from New York. I’ve just popped over for a high-end mini-break with husband.

Tiny tablets and toys

It was a quiet morning at home. I was pondering the largeness of my multivitamin tablet.

Then I took some pictures:

Hello! We love our Omega-3 fish oils.

Taxi and pill

Delivering the drugs.

Jam and toast and multivitamins

ALL the vitamins you need in one MASSIVE pill.

pills and pencil

The love drugs.

Here’s one I wrote earlier

I heard a bus shelter singing  In these drippy flannel grey spring days, I love colour. My eyes are hungry for bright shiny colourful things. Like these…

Pictures of words  Someone has poured concrete in to my sinus cavities (I have a cold). This is a lazy ‘picture post’ today.  I am too tired to write many words, so here are some pictures of words that have made me smile …

Will you be my friend?

The fastest way to make friends is to have a brief chat, run around a park for a bit, then exchange phone numbers.This method seems to be working quite well for my son.

We’ve been in London for only a few weeks, so we don’t know a lot of people over here. While I wonder how to make connections, my son meets children in the park and asks “Can I come over to your house to play?” Simple, really… I wish I had his confident approach to networking.

I’ve been wondering who ‘my tribe’ here will be:

  • Lady of leisure? One day maybe – right now, kids are eating dinner from a small rickety garden table and I’m wrestling with the new art of vacuuming stairs…
  • School mum?  Not yet – it’s school holidays, and I still haven’t officially heard when the kids start school.
  • Art gallery fan? Perhaps, if I was without the children. I took them to the Tate Modern, and all they wanted to do was eat snacks at the cafe. I pretended that the only way to get to the cafe was via some of the exhibition rooms, just so I could trot past a few pictures. (They were asking me why it was taking so long to find the cafe.)
  • Aussie expat? Not right now – I’m more interested in becoming a local, rather than celebrating the joys of distant Sydney. Plus, like a new mother, I am getting a LITTLE bit sick of advice from strangers.
  • Digital hipster? Not any more – I had lunch in a fashionable cafe in Shoreditch last week, and I felt like Dr Who going back in time, avoiding my past-self. Casually self-important young men glanced at iPads. They wore neatly buttoned checked shirts and not-too-tight plain coloured jeans. Pretty girls in ugly glasses and Scandanavian A-line skirts flicked through magazines and tapped away on iPhones. I knew the 90s music they were playing (My Bloody Valentine; Mazzy Star), and the coffee was good, but I am now a mature-age student at the school of cool.
  • Chinese immigrant? hahahaha – I have been struggling to cook edible rice in a pot (I am really missing my rice cooker!) My non-Asian husband does a much better job at it.

Maybe I should browse online for people who will overlap me in a Venn diagram of interests. Meet up instead of just emailing and admiring from a distance. Or maybe I’ll try my son’s approach?

Goodbye from the Orchard Twins

I assembled this card just before I left Sydney, and took  a dodgy phone picture. The card is by ‘Art and ghosts‘ and I added the vintage Scrabble tiles.

Goodbye card with scrabble tiles

The card is by 'Art and ghosts' and I added the Scrabble tiles ... I(

Pretty things offscreen

The more of my time that is sucked up by websites, email, television and mobile phones, the more I appreciate solid physical beauty.  Here are some pictures of pretty things I have seen offscreen…

A rainbow duck

A rainbow aviator duck?

What do you get if you cross a duck with a rainbow?

Earlier in the year I was at Point Lonsdale in Victoria. I saw this crazy rainbow/aviator duck at a small fairground. It was such a cold grey day that these colours stood out like neon lights.

A fox said to a rabbit …

Graffiti on wall of fox and rabbit

A fox and rabbit in conversation

I saw this on a city wall in Melbourne. I believe these well-dressed animals would be singing along to the Pet Shop Boys version of ‘Always on my mind’. It made me smile…

Climbing roses

Floral wallpaper

Flowers on a garden trellis

During the Biennale of Sydney, I visited Cockatoo Island to see some art. This wallpaper wasn’t actually an artists’s work, but it looked wonderful anyway.

Pinkness and light

Pink Rosslynd Piggott light

A ball of pink light

At the Biennale, I loved this room by Melbourne artist Rosslynd Piggott. (There’s a picture of the room in the article here.) I stood alone and contemplated fogotten memory,  remembered experience and transient loveliness… until a group of older ladies in sensible shoes stomped in to shelter from the rain.

Ghostpatrol – it’s art, not vandalism!

For quite a while I have been cyber-stalking some Melbourne artists – Miso and Ghostpatrol. I regularly check out their websites, read about them and curse myself every time I miss their shows in Melbourne.

A few months ago, a wonderful thing happened. Ghostpatrol put a picture on my dad’s surgery in Fitzroy! (see pic below). I was visiting family in Melbourne, so saw it as I was driving by.

Picture on wall by ghostpatrol

My dad and his Ghostpatrol art

The broken surgery window you can see is part of the story too. Very early one morning, someone had pushed in the glass pane. Dad did a temporary repair, and the next night, the picture appeared.

My parents were immediately suspicious. They had a crazy theory that someone had broken the window (vandalism), and then pasted up a picture (graffiti). I had to energetically convince them that it was Art, and that they should NOT under any circumstances scrape it off. I shudder to think what they would have done if I hadn’t had been there …

It was so incredibly satisfying to see the beautiful brown paper boy peering out at me from the wall. Not just a picture on a website. Within a few days, the picture had been peeled away by wind and rain, but for a short time, the virtual had become real.

Brought to you by the Interweb – Pencil art

Ghostpatrol creates adorable artworks on sets of pencils… Jennifer Maestre makes very weird organic sculptures from pencils too.