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Too lazy for words

Greetings from New York. I’ve just popped over for a high-end mini-break with husband.

If I was a proper blogger, I would be photographing my food and posting pictures up with tasting notes. Or reviewing the toenail art of the woman lounging at the bar.

But the good camera is broken and we forgot to unlock our mobile phones, so we are without Wandering Web. We are officially free to just go about tourist-ing without sending out a real-life feed of NY delights.

Use the power of your mind to imagine that the following were posted over the last couple of days:

  • The air is so dry, I think my eyeballs are shrinking.
  • Seared octopus with Umbrian chickpeas, red onion, pickled currants. (Il Buco).
  • Uptown is not necessarily uphill.
  • Gold brocade skinny jeans. (Admired, but did not buy).
  • Gorging ourselves on back-to-back episodes of The Newsroom.
  • 9/11 Memorial was perfect. Black pools of textured water – corrugated, smooth and flowing.
  • If I say “Can I eat that here, please?” he will look at me blankly and reply “To go?”
  • Oooooh, my bunions are aching.
  • $400 is too much for a toy baby standing reindeer. (ABC carpet and home).

This post was the blog equivalent of ‘freshening up’ a stale bread roll in a microwave. A more nutritionally-balanced post will appear when I’m back.

Byeeee, Lorraine

Tiny tablets and toys

It was a quiet morning at home. I was pondering the largeness of my multivitamin tablet.

Then I took some pictures:

Hello! We love our Omega-3 fish oils.

Taxi and pill

Delivering the drugs.

Jam and toast and multivitamins

ALL the vitamins you need in one MASSIVE pill.

pills and pencil

The love drugs.

Here’s one I wrote earlier

I heard a bus shelter singing  In these drippy flannel grey spring days, I love colour. My eyes are hungry for bright shiny colourful things. Like these…

Pictures of words  Someone has poured concrete in to my sinus cavities (I have a cold). This is a lazy ‘picture post’ today.  I am too tired to write many words, so here are some pictures of words that have made me smile …

Lazy summer days plus Chipmunks

Alvin and the Chipmunks have a Facebook page, and an official app. I know this because I have just watched Alvin and the Chipmunks! 3! Chipwrecked! (I added in all those extra apostrophes. It’s that kind of film.)

Ugly singing proto-squirrels? Yes, it’s school holidays. Late afternoon movies on demand are a special treat here. I get to hear Chipmunks sing Michael Franti AND Katy Perry, whilst I do my cross stitching. I’m  down with the kids.

[If you need to get involved in their demented furry world – you can Munk Yourself.]

Anyhoo… It’s warm and bright and summery. I’ve just moved house. I shall increase my lazy summer blog content with some pictures.

Colourful fudgeA whole lot of fudge. Just looking at this much refined sugar made my teeth ache. I wish I’d asked what flavour the blue one was…

Jubilee cakesMore blue food. I bought these cakes to celebrate the majestic and dignified reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

Strange shaped strawberryThis is clearly the missing evolutionary link between strawberry and octopus. Not sure if this supports or refutes the theory of intelligent design, but isn’t it cool?

We are all alone, together

Looking down the hill, the lights of the party twinkled and crinkled through the trees. The wafts of voices floated up past me in the dark. I could see my friends arranging and rearranging themselves in to little clumps of conversation and mid-priced wine.

From this small distance, my friends were still familiar, but separate from me. Facebook makes me feel a bit like this – on the outside, looking in. Just quickly sweeping my hand over the bumpy surface of my friends’ profiles.

Are you a happy strand of the World Wide Web? Do Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email and forums make you feel connected? There’s still something ‘lite’ to me about online communities. Perhaps I need to find the niche forum out there for Sydney mums called Lorraine who used to work in the Internet world.

The pen is mightier than the keyboard

I’ve always written letters to my friends. Pen and paper and my terrible handwriting. There’s a stillness and focus to writing a letter. It takes time, but I feel as if my voice is absolutely captured and transmitted. I write this for You, and You Only. There are no digital copies.

Some thoughts and feelings seem to suit paper:

I’m sorry that you’re sad but I will bake a cake from your recipe, and think of you when I eat it.

I hope he didn’t notice when I laughed and a little bit of mushroom soup came out of my nose.

I miss you so much that my ribcage is creaking.

A life less digital – happy first birthday

My blog baby is a year old.

As a responsible parent. I tell my kids that they need to enjoy healthy food as well as ‘treat’ food. Every day I try to balance offline experiences with digital treats. Slow food and fast food.

“Walnuts and pears you plant for your heirs”, says an old English proverb. These trees took a long time to mature and bear fruit, and were planted for future generations. My garden is too small for fruit trees, but I am still planting real-life ideas and experiences and values in my home.

Depending on where you are living, perhaps you could:

Child writing at table

Concentrating very hard

Brought to you by the Interweb – a handwritten email

When email was still new and mysterious, I heard of an exec who needed his secretary to re-type and print out emails he’d received, to read them ‘properly’. Now you can send emails in your handwriting. Let me know if it’s any good …

Hunting, gathering and Googling

I am actively avoiding food porn. No more cruising the aisles of glossy cookbooks, or sitting glassy-eyed in front of TV cooking shows. Instead, I am trying to cook from my own, quite substantial collection of cookbooks and clippings.

The picture below is from my school cookbook. Haven’t cooked many things from it yet, as they are mostly hideous… [Click image to view recipe for “Ham banana rolls with cheese sauce”. I scanned it in big, so that you can print it out and cook it yourself. If you dare.]

Recipe for Ham banana rolls

Please let me know if you attempt to cook this. I'd love to know what it tastes like.

The trouble is, my recipes are not particularly well indexed and, in geek-speak, need better metadata. So despite having a lot of cookbooks, I often have to Google particular recipes. (Perhaps my husband, who doesn’t often read my blog,  will create a lovely database of my recipes?)

When I first met the wondrous Internet, the entire office shared one email address, and it was actually “E-mail”. I’d read about The Web in very attractive Wired magazines, but didn’t appreciate the amazing bounty of information out there until I saw the recipe sites.

For my younger readers, this is what web pages used to look like:

Vietnamese recipes from 1996 Internet

Note the lack of images, videos, advertising etc etc

Brought to you by the Interweb – Herb haters

Went to a fab restaurant this week, where we had: “Buttermilk pannacotta, with coriander jelly, pain d’epice, pineapple granita”. Sounds odd, but it was delicious.  I just found a site for coriander/cilantro haters .

Just eat it

I can’t think of an underlying anti-digital point I can make about these pictures. They all have something to do with food. And they are pretty. Enjoy.

Rainbow cake

rainbow cake

Completely full of artificial colours and flavours

My daughter presented this tray to me: “A rainbow cake”.

The everlasting wedding cake

Felt wedding cake

My wedding cake made from felt!

When I got married this year, I had a cute cake made in felt. I hope it (and the marriage) last!

Fruit bowl

Fruit in wooden fruit bowl

I do like a bit of decorative fruit

I forgot that I had this lovely wooden bowl, and I’m now using it for fruit. This is the decorative fruit bowl, with tastefully arranged specimens. (The other fruit bowl has the almost-too-ripe bananas, sagging tomatoes and ancient kiwifruit.)

Lollipop tree

Lollipop stick on lawn

Will the lollipop tree grow?

Someone told the kids that if they planted their lollipip stick, it would grow in to a lollipop tree. They stuck it in the ground, watered it, and after about 5 minutes of intent stick-watching, wandered off.

Spotty cutlery


polka dot spoon, knife, fork

spot chew dot sip

I bought these beautiful Japanese spotty cutlery sets for myself as a wedding present.

King of snacks

Jam and cream bun

I love the decorative presentation squizzled on top...

I think this was a cream bun, or possibly a donut. It was bought from a local bakery in a country town. Almost enough of a reason to move to the country …

Let’s do dinner

When was the last time you took a group of your best-est friends out to dinner? Not just a casual BBQ in a park, but a proper grown-up restaurant meal?

Brief emails quickly flung out between tweets and texts keep me mostly connected to my friends. I know they’re grumpy today, and that they have watched a funny video of a cat. I have seen their holiday pictures and promised in emails to catch up soon. Promise.

To celebrate our extremely small family-only wedding, I organised a couple of dinners with friends. I sought out suitable venues, pondered menus and hand-scribbled invitations. It felt so outrageously old-fashioned …

We had a great time at the dinners, and my guests told me that they did too. No matter how many witty Facebook updates I read, or stuttering text messages I send, it’s Just Not The Same as meeting in person.

Sometimes you just need to put on a nice frock/smart shirt and eat a lovely meal with friends (without having to wash up afterwards). After that you can:

  • Write an online review of the meal
  • Tweet about what you ate
  • Upload the digital pictures
  • Update Facebook about your night out
  • Email your friends to say how much you enjoyed yourself
  • Blog about it

Then retreat to your digital cave and warm yourself by the virtual fire.

Brought to you by the Interweb – table decorations for Christmas, with extra Elvis

It’s a bit early, but have you thought about how you might be celebrating Christmas with friends and family? I found some interesting table decoration ideas. Check out the Elvis-themed table ….

Curiosity killed (by) the Internet

Does anyone brew over niggling queries anymore? Feel that rapturous excitement when you finally discover the answer to a longstanding question? Or do we all just hop on the web and tap-tap-tap dance away in Google?

If there’s something I don’t know, I start feeling quite edgy if I can’t find the answer NOW. There must be an app/blog/forum/website about that somewhere…

Some of the recent questions that have whizzled through my brain recently:

  • What is the difference between concrete and cement?
  • Where can I get a free ‘No junk mail’ sticker?
  • Are fashion magazines bad for me?
  • What were the original names of the kids in Enid Blyton’s The Magic Faraway Tree, before they changed them?
  • Why does my daughter draw love hearts and butterflies, and my son draw planes and ships?
  • What is a runcible spoon?

You can see that my questions are quite dull. My kids ask magnificent questions:

  • What is sand?
  • Does the Great Wall of China have shops?
  • Is the heart for love and pumping blood?
  • Why aren’t spider webs square?
  • How do you make shampoo?

I’m not going to give you the answers. How long you can resist the urge to hit that search engine?

Brought to you by the Interweb – Google buns

Enid Blyton invented Google buns, and they sound quite delicious …

Old technology doesn’t die, it just waits until it’s retro and sort of interesting again…

Picture 1: Old technology in dryers. The dials on my mum’s dryer (still operational). What is Orlon? Terylene? And Crimplene? They sound a bit like unfortunate siblings. Orlon – sturdy oldest boy, likes fishing, won’t eat peas. Twin girls Terylene – the one with freckles who likes horses and puppies, and Crimplene – slightly taller and allergic to cornflour.

Old dryer dials

Hello Orlon, Terylene and Crimplene

Picture 2: Old technology CD-ROMs. I found this CD-ROM in my brother’s room. I can’t remember if he actually used it, but CD-ROMs are so quaint now! Like being chaperoned around the Internet by jolly Mr Microsoft. When I was in high school, at home we had a set of brown and orange Rigby Joy of Knowledge Encyclopedias. I really did believe that all the world’s knowledge was contained in those shiny heavy books of joy.

Encarta 97 CD ROM cover

The Encarta 97 Encyclopedia

Picture 3: New technology as a donut. The future of donuts is no longer round. It is shaped like a mobile phone.

phone shaped donut

Talking crap and eating crap

Brought to you by the Interweb – Phones for the young and young at heart

I will probably not be buying a children’s phone for my kids or an old person’s phone for my parents.

Games I play


Downloaded my second iPhone app this week – Scrabble. (The first was Twitter, because I feel like I really should be tweeting more, but can’t quite think what to write.)

I love it. Since I have always had a passion for words, writing and reading, Scrabble is a joy for me. Unfortunately, my almost-husband has no interest in it. The kids are not quite literate enough yet, and a game with them would probably involve explaining why we don’t stick Scrabble tiles in the toaster.


I envy people who have:

  1. the time to do crosswords
  2. the self-control to not look up every third answer on the Internet
  3. a partner who doesn’t think that crosswords should only be printed on novelty toilet paper.

I feel especially jealous when I see romantic couples without children having leisurely brunches over the weekend super brain crunching cryptic crosswords.

Brought to you by the InterWeb – Extra wide toasters

I don’t know why you would want a toaster that can toast for 2 hours, but here it is