My life less digital

I am a digital immigrant. When I started my career, we would always put a hyphen in ‘e-mail’. I threw myself happily in to e-anything. Now, my children are digital natives, but I want them to remember the old country. We can participate online, embrace technology, and still appreciate life offline.

In web-friendly bullet points, here’s me (in no particular order):

If you’re a Twitter-y kind of person, I’m on it sometimes @lorrainel. If you like pictures, I’m on Instagram @alifelessdigital


3 responses to “My life less digital

  1. Hi Lorraine, Great to see you are in UK and doing so well.


  2. Hi – thanks for that! I’ll check it out …


  3. Hello
    I’d like to nominate you for the kreativeblogger award. Please visit my about page for the blurb and the pic to post on your site. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog, but pls don’t feel you have to participate, it’s all a bit chain mail ish.


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