I am an iPerson

Oops. I have an iPhone.

Not long after my smug anti-iPhone post ‘It’s not real until it’s an iPhone app‘, I have become an iPerson. We had a series of internal family phone swaps:

  1. My sneaky brother convinced our mum that he would make better use of her new iPhone. (Well, she wasn’t using it properly anyway …)
  2. Our mum has gone back to her non-i phone.
  3. I have my brother’s old iToy. (As he warned me, the battery is crap, and I think he dropped it in water somewhere… But I’m not fussy.)
  4. My almost-husband has my old non-i phone.

So, I don’t hate it. My typing/tapping has improved slowly. I like the swiping and swooping of the screen.

I still don’t think I NEED it, but as expected, I am browsing the web a lot more than I used to, just because I can. And I haven’t even begun to investigate downloading apps yet.

Brought to you by the Interweb – fingerprints from your ears

As I marvelled at the amount of ear grease left on my iPhone, I wondered if we could use our unique earprints to replace PINs and passwords. I found out that scientsts have been researching ‘acoustic fingerprints‘ as a way to add security to phones.

2 responses to “I am an iPerson

  1. I must admit that was quite sneaky.

    I’m quite pleased with myself!


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