Pretty things offscreen

The more of my time that is sucked up by websites, email, television and mobile phones, the more I appreciate solid physical beauty.  Here are some pictures of pretty things I have seen offscreen…

A rainbow duck

A rainbow aviator duck?

What do you get if you cross a duck with a rainbow?

Earlier in the year I was at Point Lonsdale in Victoria. I saw this crazy rainbow/aviator duck at a small fairground. It was such a cold grey day that these colours stood out like neon lights.

A fox said to a rabbit …

Graffiti on wall of fox and rabbit

A fox and rabbit in conversation

I saw this on a city wall in Melbourne. I believe these well-dressed animals would be singing along to the Pet Shop Boys version of ‘Always on my mind’. It made me smile…

Climbing roses

Floral wallpaper

Flowers on a garden trellis

During the Biennale of Sydney, I visited Cockatoo Island to see some art. This wallpaper wasn’t actually an artists’s work, but it looked wonderful anyway.

Pinkness and light

Pink Rosslynd Piggott light

A ball of pink light

At the Biennale, I loved this room by Melbourne artist Rosslynd Piggott. (There’s a picture of the room in the article here.) I stood alone and contemplated fogotten memory,  remembered experience and transient loveliness… until a group of older ladies in sensible shoes stomped in to shelter from the rain.

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