Here, Kindle Kindle Kindle…

Half a year is a long time in tech world. In August 2010 I smugly declared that people with e-books were usually ‘early- to mid-30’s male with a satchel’ (See News + Paper. Read all about it!).

Although I am a later-30’s female without a satchel, I now have my own e-book reader. Husband bought me an Amazon Kindle for Christmas. Despite my reservations about mindlessly sucking up every digital device or idea that flashes its USB ports at me, I do like my Kindle.

Good things about my e-book reader

E-books and my Kindle are quite charming because I can:

  • Carry a dictionary with me. Just in case.
  • Read with my sunglasses on.
  • Read a sample chapter of a worthy book, find it too dull, then not buy the book. No book wastage at all.
  • Drink single-origin coffee in cafes with cool geeks wearing grey v-neck t-shirts. (I just can’t help myself stereotyping trendy tech-heads.)

Bad things about my e-book reader

I still love paper because I can:

  • Leave it for weeks and not have to charge it.
  • Turn pages without that black/white screen flicker (although I did get used to that on my Kindle very quickly).
  • Choose a book purely on the basis of its cover art and font.
  • Know that it will always be compatible, fully supported and scalable. I am assuming that my kids and future generations will still have eyes to read and hands to turn pages.
  • Drink single-origin tea in book shops with cool nerds wearing black v-neck t-shirts.( I must stop stereotyping people …)

I am now happily embroidering myself a Kindle case. Craft + tech = Crach?? I am quite addicted.

Brought to you by the Interweb – Wall of books

If we all have e-book readers, then will we still be buying delightful fake book wallpaper?

7 responses to “Here, Kindle Kindle Kindle…

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  2. In that there London, we still have people reading with a Kindle on the Tube who are very much doing “Look At Me! I Am Reading! On A Kindle!”. As opposed to others who are proudly displaying their iPads or Samsung Tablets. It’s like some strange mating ritual.


  3. Hey Lorraine,
    I blogged about your blog this morning:

    I woke to the ebooks outselling normal books news and was going to blog about it but you got there first – so i blogged about you instead. Hope you don’t hate it!

    I also confess to once having sat next to you at work *not stalking honest* lol.

    Notes xx


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  5. Embroidering yourself a Kindle Case? Perfect! Glad to hear you’re enjoying the Kindle, they say the biggest barrier to reading ebooks is actually experiencing it. I find I buy a LOT more books due to the instant gratification of finishing one book by an author and then finding another one straight away.
    By the way – I have an iPad, am MUCH older than you, have two small toddlers and work part time. Please (please do) stereotype what kind of top I wear?


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