Pictures of things I hope you don’t own

I do tend to write about pushing back the tide of digital detritus that washes over us. Pointless crap is not exclusively found on the Internet – see pictures below.

poop &scoop barbie

Feeding the dog crap.

I saw this Poop & Scoop Barbie on sale at Christmas. I was disappointed that the dog’s poo wasn’t pink and sparkling and shaped like a B.


decorated thongs sandals

Look what came back with me from the (plastic) beach.

Unfortunately, these didn’t come in my size. I have small-ish feet, and these were designed for the larger lady who wanted the “I’ve just stepped in a bucket of novelty plastic marine crap” look.


ugly owl collection

A sad sad collection.

I bought a very tasteful small display cabinet from eBay. At no extra cost, it came with a huge set of hideous owls. Here is a selection of the poor creatures …


Nair glitter wax

It sparkles and smells like cherry.

Obviously glitter and artificial cherry fragrence makes ripping out unwanted body hair Fun Fun Fun.


Kitchen gadgets

That chicken suffered even after it was killed.

This charming display of kitchen gadgetry includes: Butter Melter (Perfect for melting butter, chocolate and more!); Flavour Injector (Includes two needles and storage case) and a Veggie Twister (Turn your vegetables into attractive spaghetti or spirals in seconds!).

2 responses to “Pictures of things I hope you don’t own

  1. I kind of like the leftmost owl!


  2. OMG you have way too much time on your hands!!!! but then again I should employ you as a buyer for the shop…. The trade fair is on next week… I’m happy to take you along on Tuesday if you want to see a stadium sized area FULL of crap!!!!!


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