I am a Chinese Mummy blogger – hear me roar

Warning- this post will not mention Amy Chua, Tiger moms, Chinese parenting or violin lessons.

WTF are Mummy/mommy bloggers?

I hate ‘mummy/mommy blogger’. I just blog. Whether I do it with or without post-baby boobs is irrelevant.

I also hate the phrase ‘yummy mummy’. I efficiently made and delivered two custom-designed human specimens. I do not need to be described as a delicious female dessert to feel valued.

Racial profiling BY (not of) homeless people

The homeless guy asking for money walked past quite a few people before he stopped at me. He stopped because I look generic-Asian and he was Vietnamese. I know this because he asked said hello in several Asian languages, asked me what country I was from, and told me he was from Vietnam.

My thoughts: I don’t generally give money to drug ‘influenced’ people in the street, hassling at train stations, no matter what colour you are.

Walking home, a thin old Chinese man with long white hair and beard glared at me. As he strode past, he shouted: “They’re lying to you. Australia is shit. They’ve been lying to us Chinese for 30 years!”

My thoughts: Great beard. I’m quite happy in Australia. Why 30 years exactly? I hope you’re not one of my uncles…

Brought to you by the Internet – Asian dictionary and racist Power Rangers

This Asian dictionary is pretty funny http://disgrasian.com/dictionary/. And I never noticed that the old Power Rangers were racist! http://shaynacommunicates.blogspot.com/2009/10/mighty-racist-power-rangers.html

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