The best Steve Jobs tribute merchandise. Ever!

So, I was walking around M &Ms World in Leicester Square, when I started thinking about Steve Jobs.

[Note – I was only there because my young child-free cousins were using my kids as an excuse to not look like weird tourist-LOSERS. ]

M & Ms World is an evil 4-floored pit of colourful, candied consumerism. I chose not to buy an M &Ms tie, basketball or pack of underpants. But, I did start thinking about what kind of Steve Jobs tribute merchandise I would create …

We all have too many mugs and t-shirts. Steve Jobs was an Innovator. So if I could turn M & Ms World into Steve Jobs World, I’d have floating chrome shelves full of:

iJetpacks. Affordable jetpacks for the common man. Because jetpacks are cool. And once we strap one on and press ‘Go’ , we won’t be able to remember why we even bothered walking to work.

iWalnuts. No more messy wrinkled shells. No more nutcracker hassle. Just smooth, polished orbs of nut, with pressure sensitive opening and soft-close concealed hinges. Delicious with iCheese (due out in 2012)!

S & Js candies. Little apple-shaped chocolates in a colourful crisp candy shell.

iWheel. A new generation in wheel design. Four distinct corners have been added to the boring old circle to give it a modern, sharp look. The four corners represent the corners of the earth and unity of North, South, East and West. It’s a subtle design tweak to create a new design classic. [iWheel-compatible roads are currently only available in USA, but are global rollout schedule will be announced very soon.]

Do you have any other suggestions?

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