A good night in

It’s been a good night in

Husband is away, so I’ve had some great nights in at home. I have been surrounded by: 

  • Hand, foot, cuticle and nail potions
  • All the remote controls and phones in the house (some now with very supple heels and strong nails…)
  • Endless singing and talent TV shows
  • A selection of remaining Easter chocolate and party bag sweets
  • All the cushions.

I’m not really alone as the kids are asleep upstairs.

I love going to tuck the kids in before I go to bed. I re-arrange their duvets over disordered limbs and dense breathing. They smell clean.

They’re still and complete and quietly humming with life. Like small people-shaped batteries, furiously recharging themselves on dreams of zombies, rainbow flowers, vanilla fudge and high-speed trains.

Or maybe that’s what I’ll be dreaming of, after a little too much chocolate and cuticle conditioner. 

Good night. 

5 responses to “A good night in

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  2. Just me, alone, with TV, Facebook, Twitter, Skype and my mobile!


  3. I love your description of your sleeping kidlets. Lovely.

    And I enjoy those nights when the husband is away too – likewise I find all manner of TV that he would never watch with me, call old friends and treat myself to ice cream (preferably something with loads of caramel in it!)


  4. Night night! Lovely to hear you are all doing well. You sound happy. We still miss you though 😦 x


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