Tiny tablets and toys

It was a quiet morning at home. I was pondering the largeness of my multivitamin tablet.

Then I took some pictures:

Hello! We love our Omega-3 fish oils.

Taxi and pill

Delivering the drugs.

Jam and toast and multivitamins

ALL the vitamins you need in one MASSIVE pill.

pills and pencil

The love drugs.

Here’s one I wrote earlier

I heard a bus shelter singing  In these drippy flannel grey spring days, I love colour. My eyes are hungry for bright shiny colourful things. Like these…

Pictures of words  Someone has poured concrete in to my sinus cavities (I have a cold). This is a lazy ‘picture post’ today.  I am too tired to write many words, so here are some pictures of words that have made me smile …

4 responses to “Tiny tablets and toys

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  3. Thanks! These pics made me smile too. I love collecting tiny things… pointlessly.


  4. Oh my goodness these are SO freaking great. You should start a Tumblr. I’ve recently discovered those gummy bear vitamins that are meant for children – they are so delicious I find it difficult just to take one a day. I’m never going back to tablets again!


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