I give up

I keep giving up.

I have THIS MUCH to do each day. (Imagine me holding an over-sized hand-knitted cushion.)

I have THIS MUCH time each day. (Imagine me holding a medium box of assorted supermarket chocolates.)

I started working full-time again this year, so my not-at-work time is precious. The less time I have, the more closely I evaluate how I spend it.

Here are things that I‘ve given up this year:

  • Facebook. In January, I wrote about why I left Facebook.
  • Buying clothes. I stopped buying clothes in June, and I intend to keep it up until the end of the 2013. I like what I already have, and am now enjoying my existing clothes. (I do miss my hunting and gathering on ASOS a tiny weeny bit.)
  • Watching TV. I will plonk myself on the sofa, glance at whatever husband is watching, and 3.5 minutes later get distracted. A book, or a pile of washing or an email will beckon. The last complete thing I watched was ‘The White Queen’ (BBC historical soap opera / costume drama). I am grazing in the wide open plains of middle-aged TV.
  • Following Australian news. Australian politics makes me feel sad. Lots of seething white men in bright white shirts shouting about refugees.
  • Regular Twittering. I’m sort of binge eating on Twitter. Nothing for days, then I stuff myself on an information buffet.

 Maybe you should give ‘giving up’ a go?

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