I’m blogging again, but I don’t know why…

Well, hello again. After an extended period away ‘resting’, I’m back on the blog horse, riding high.

What’s the point though, of all my treasured blog posts, if WordPress probably won’t exist when my kids are old enough to appreciate my stylish turn of phrase? Perhaps I could print out all my entries and bind them all in butter-soft hand-embossed leather.

These thoughts on the nature of digital assets have been prompted by my current Online Learning (capitalisation intended as this is Work Related).  I thought I’d try the Digital Marketing Course on the FutureLearn website to give me some ideas for work (and because it’s free…) It hasn’t been practically useful for me, but it has raised all sorts of interesting discussions about what digital assets I buy, own, use and sell.

If digital formats, companies, technologies come and go, then I am wary of investing too much of my real self in them. Ongoing contradiction: I want to control and limit my digital profile, but if I don’t exist digitally, then what will you have to remember me?

For now, I’m just going to keep blogging and clogging up the digital drainpipes. Read it while you can…

BTW: After my previous pastry-themed homesick post, you may have assumed that I had stayed in Sydney. However, I’m back in lovely London and eating crisps.

Here’s one I wrote earlier

Gluten-induced homesickness. Fresh sourdough toast with jam and ricotta has made me ponder moving back to Sydney. A fig Danish pastry has triggered layers of crispy homesickness. A pork and fennel sausage roll has almost brought me to tears.

Show me your private parts. Pre-digital privacy was such a clear concept: Teenage diary with “Keep Out. Private.” written on the cover; Letters addressed to you; Your phone calls made at home, in a room with the door shut; Holiday photos stuck in a photo album.

2 responses to “I’m blogging again, but I don’t know why…

  1. Lorraine Intersting to hear such comments from a new generation Why should everybody be allowed to own your thoughts ? they are precious and for you and your soul mates for posterity


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