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Your digital footprint is a pain in my neck

We need to reduce our digital footprints. That is a polite way of saying “Stop tweeting about where you are bloody drinking, or what you said to the cute bartender.” I stopped following Stephen Fry on twitter, because it was TOO MUCH.

Give me a giant vacuum cleaner to suck up all the digital life lint hiding under the information super-sofa.  If that’s not possible:

  • Do not CC me in on every freaking email just in case I need to be ‘in the loop” or to cover your own arse.
  • Do not forward me funny PowerPoint slide shows, or warnings about thieves in supermarket car parks.
  • Buy a paper diary and write in it. With a pen. And put it away.

My teenage diaries – WTF?

Last night I found a stash of diaries from my first years at uni. It’s very strange to read  so much without encountering a single acronym like ‘OMG’ or ‘BTW’.

It was a fascinating leap back in to the mind of my 17-year old self, but I can’t imagine it being interesting for anyone else. I kept documenting exactly who I sat next to, talked to, who didn’t talk to me or walked past me etc.

Some of it was absolutely excruciating – the weird obsessions, insecurities and raw emotions of my teenage self. [Why did I decide to go on a diet? I’ve got a cracking Chinese metabolism, so I can only imagine that it was because everyone else was …]

I am truly grateful that none of it is online, floating around, waiting to embarrass me, or the subjects of my observations.

So, please protect the rainforest,  save the coral reefs and watch your digital footprint.

The dentists’ favourite USB memory stick

On the subject of memory, my dad went to a dental conference and got this cool USB flash drive. It’s 2GB, so imagine just how many embarrassing diary entries I could have stored on it.

dentist USB memory stick

The best conference freebie USB memory stick!


dentist USB memory stick head

Useful and attractive