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Happy Chinese Australian New Day

Chinese New Year and Australia Day completely passed me by this year. Instead, we surrounded ourselves with cheese, mountains and snow in France. The most Chinese thing I did was make everyone take their shoes off when they came in to the apartment.

I hardly tweeted or updated FB at all whilst away. The more fun I’m having, the less likely I am to post about it. My online life looks quite dull, even though I’m doing lots.

Stupid gloves beat my smartphone

The colder it gets, I’m also less likely to be updating anything. Several months in to London winter, I still keep stabbing at my phone with my useless gloved fingers.

Useful : MUJI sell touchscreen conductive gloves. I have tried several times to buy these, but the staff tell me there is a waiting list!?

Useless : I found a fingerless gloves website that includes terrible ‘fingerless fiction’. Since it’s 2012, why not read their Olympic Gold story?

Charming : Pictures of lonely gloves at our park.

Happy Australia Day

As I missed celebrating Australia Day, here are some Oz-themed pictures…

Bruce street

A sensible Australian street name. I love the way it's written in the footpath concrete..

sun hat with fish

Amusing sun hats. This was one of my favourites.

australian shaped  pizza

My friend recently made me a pizza. OMG - it's in the shape of Australia!

australian stickers

Some of my vintage 1970s Australian stickers.

bbq meat

I took all that lightly charred meat for granted ...

You ungrateful cow

That’s a big ungrateful “Moo” from me

Would you like a whinge with your excellent coffee today? I would. It’s almost a reflex:

“No sugar thanks. (The man on the bus smelt like old sausages.) Full fat milk please. (I hate filling in forms.) Just a regular size coffee today. (Charity muggers are taking over the streets.)”

I am making an extra special effort to find some things that make me smile, and that I can be grateful for.

 Culturally-sensitive Wombles

I got this dark-furred Womble from McDonalds many years ago. It made me laugh. [I love the Wombles, but why are there so few girl Wombles? Can’t find any mention of asexual reproduction of their species on the Web. ]

Dark fur Womble toy

Now if only they made an Asian Womble too...

Defrosting the freezer

I love the triumphant feeling of hacking off a Really Big piece of ice from my frosted up freezer. Such a satisfying sharp crack as it breaks off.

Freezer ice chunk

Champion ice chunk from my freezer.

Beautiful words

The Love Song of Alfred J Prufrock by T. S. Eliot.  Here’s one of the bits I love in this poem:

“For I have know them all already, known them all-

Have known the evenings, mornings, afternoons,

I have measured out my life with coffee spoons;

I know the voices dying with a dying fall

Beneath the music from a farther room.

So how should I presume?”

I found a weird old 1999 Hypertext (old skool WWW-speak) version here http://www.usask.ca/english/prufrock/index.html. Click on the first link under the ‘Contents’ heading. Or there is a celebrity version with Anthony Hopkins reading it on YouTube.

My sticker collection

I found my old sticker collection! I hoarded these stickers for years, and am gradually, grudgingly passing them on to my daughter. My mum-self is so pleased to see how excited she is by them. My childhood-self years still thinks they are too precious to actually stick to anything…

Sticker collection in box

I used to love that Knitting Ring too.

ice cream sticker picture

How my old stickers have a new life now.

And here’s one I wrote earlier…

Pretty things offscreen. The more of my time that is sucked up by websites, email, television and mobile phones, the more I appreciate solid physical beauty.  Here are some pictures of pretty things I have seen offscreen…

Pictures of words. Someone has poured concrete in to my sinus cavities (I have a cold). This is a lazy ‘picture post’ today.  I am too tired to write many words, so here are some pictures of words that have made me smile …