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The Internet saved my marriage

I got married on the weekend to my ‘almost-husband’, who is now just my husband.

For scheduling reasons, I had to move the wedding date forward, and only had 2 and a bit weeks before the wedding. Eeep! It was always going to be a small family occasion, but I was amazed it all got organised – thanks mostly to the Internet.

Websites to find wedding-y things

  • Found my celebrant online at http://www.celebrantsonline.com.au/. It is an ugly ugly piece of Web, but it works. The first celebrant I called had just passed away that day – very unfortunate and not a great pre-wedding omen. I suggested to the person who answered her phone that they might want to take her details off the website. The second didn’t get back to me for a couple of weeks, but the third one was just right!
  • Found my restaurant by surfing websites, and checking out friends’ recommendations. Ended up at Donovans in St Kilda http://www.donovanshouse.com.au/. Not a slick website, but gave me enough info to make enquiries. The woman who answered the phone was so supremely helpful I booked the dining room. It was ace!
  • My photographer put all the lovely wedding pictures he took up on a secure website so my family and friends could see them. This was especially appreciated by people overseas. Paul Stevens is at http://www.paul-stevens.info/.
  • Bought my wedding cake online. It’s made of felt, is inedible, adorable, and will last forever. Mine was chocolate with strawberries! See pic on this post Just eat it.
  • Facebook profile was filled with messages and comments after I posted that I was married. It was very sweet to have old acquaintances say congrats and check out the pictures. I don’t think Facebook is entirely shallow. I like the way we can maintain connections to people outside our ‘inner circle’, by letting them dip in and out of my life stream. If you need the link, and you really should know this one – www.facebook.com.

Emails for almost all communication

  • It is just far too hard to individually ring people to organise dates and times. I kept doing mass emails to family about dates, times, venues etc.
  • The celebrant, restaurant, shoe shop, photographer all gave me loads of information quickly via email. I found the Births, Deaths and Marriages office much more responsive on email than phone.
  • Since it was a strictly ‘immediate family only’ event, I sent crazy Bridezilla emails to my girlfriends when I was stressed.

So I now have the complete package – mortgage, kids and husband, in that exact order.

Brought to you by the Interweb – How to have really shiny wedding hair

The wedding industry is scary. Here you can buy hair extensions with Swarovski crystals stuck in them. And I also found a bridal fitness plan.