Microwave cuisine

Following on from my post last month about life before microwaves

A friend, whose mother was an early-adopter of microwave technology, demonstrated how to magically nuke chunks of Coon cheddar cheese on Salada crackers (quick and tasty hors d’oeuvre in seconds!). When we got our own microwave, I used to melt chocolates* then eat them with a teaspoon (a quick and tasty dessert in seconds!).

*I believe they were After Eight dinner mints, sadly no longer fashionable in Australia.

Microwave alive

I was an avid fan of X-files. In the episode Ghost in the Machine, various digital devices start taking on a life of their own. Not long after watching this, I came home by myself one day and noticed that the microwave display was flashing ominously: “help me help me help me”. My first thought was, of course, “My mother’s microwave is self-aware, and it’s talking to me! How do I find out if we have an X-files department in Melbourne?!” A few calmer seconds later, I realised that there had been a local power blackout and all other appliances also needed to be reset. I was a little disappointed.

Lots of people think the Ghost in the machine episode sucked. See IMDB and wikipedia entries, where fanboys and girls are really too harsh. It was the 90’s and I remember that episode fondly.

Brought to you by the Interweb – half a kilo of chocolate, they call it a Slab!

It’s 500g of chocolate, so of course they call it a slab.  See the shiny pictures of Giant Chocolate Slabs.

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