Wonderful whistles

The platform attendant (is this what they are called these days?) at the train station yesterday afternoon held a blue flag in one hand, a shiny gold tote bag in the other, and a whistle in her mouth. Most other train staff I have seen accessorise with an orange safety vest and a weary expression of unhelpfulness. I was very curious as to what she had in her gold not-quite-a-handbag. The standard wallet, keys, tissues and a lipstick? Or perhaps lots of flags in different amusing colours?

I like the fact that the train guards still use whistles. It’s reassuring to see an object that is simple, real (not virtual) and efficient being used for it’s original purpose. I hope they won’t be replaced by electronic devices with genuine whistle-simulation software.

Brought to you by the InterWeb – toy nunchuck with whistles

I found a description of a patent for a scary toy. “A toy double club with whistle including two elongate tubular bodies connected with a chain, each tubular body having a whistle in its inner cavity …” Just what every parent is looking for – a  noisy AND dangerous toy weapon.

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