Usability of clever toilets and iPhones

The restaurant was modern, smart and friendly. The toilets were modern, smart and baffling. It took me quite a while to figure out how to turn the taps on. I cautiously waved my hands around, pressed a few metal discs, and even tried stepping on parts of the floor (I have been fooled by foot-operated taps before).

The first picture below shows the magical mystery sink. The second photo shows the smart-arse ‘tap’ in action.

Clever wash basin with hidden taps

clever wash basin with water

I was very pleased that I worked it out, without having to seek assistance. Why did the bathroom experience designer, or whatever they are called, make something very practical and necessary – washing hands, so difficult?

The intuitive and smug iPhone interface

When I became an iPerson, my brother assured me that it was all very simple to use. I just needed to play with it. I’m reinforcing a gender stereotype, but I would have preferred an old-fashioned user manual, not just a little leaflet telling me how simple everything is. All the blokes I know with iPhones seem very happy to spend hours fiddling away figuring out just how many cool things they can do. Learn through play.

Between kids, work, friends and household duties, I haven’t found many opportunities to stroke the iPhone and marvel at it’s attractive design. As a result, I still haven’t moved far beyond the basic mobile functions – make and receive calls, browse websites, make notes, use the calculator… I haven’t even downloaded an app!

My iPhone shines smugly at me: “You are not quite worthy of my glossy features and seamlessly smooth lifestyle enabling functions.”

Brought to you by the Interweb – iPhone crochet craft
I love crochet – by other people, not me. I want someone to make me a crochet iPhone toy.

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