Have you got the time?

I once had a digital watch that flipped open to reveal a secret compartment filled with little sweets. Genius.

I used to admire watches that promised more than telling time – like calculator watches with cute fiddly little rubber buttons, or complicated dials showing phases of the moon and atmospheric pressure.

I toyed with the idea of buying a futuristic cuboid watches with huge digital numbers (hello dear Mr Starck). But with digital watches you can only see one time – now. Living in the moment. (Watch geeks love the analog Reveal watch. It cleverly only shows the current time – mimicking a digital display.)

Most days I feel so rushed that I like the perspective of the past (“It’s been 57 minutes since I thought about eating.”) and the future (“13 minutes until the pie is done.”) So I have simple analog watches* that just tell the time.

Isn’t it weird that we still wear watches? Almost everything around tells us the time – mobile phones, microwaves, computers, cars, cameras. Why do we still need/like to wear our time on our wrists?

* I have a Mondaine Swiss Railway watch and an M&Co 10-One-4 watch.

Brought to you by the Interweb – Last  minute fancy dress costumes

Oops – forgot that the party you’re going off to is fancy dress? Here are some last minute and quite odd costume ideas. The Furry Nightmare Vest is terrifying.

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