Show me your private parts

Pre-digital privacy was such a clear concept:

  • Teenage diary with “Keep Out. Private.” written on the cover
  • Letters addressed to you
  • Your phone calls made at home, in a room with the door shut
  • Holiday photos stuck in a photo album.

I’m making my own decisions about what I share with people I’ve never met (like some of you dear readers).

My private parts

  • My location. I don’t want everyone to know where I am all of the time. And I can’t be bothered doing it. Or constantly reading about what supermarket you are in.
  • My kids. Hmmm… I’m just not sure about putting my kids’ details and pictures out on the public web. They are, of course, very photogenic and clever and amusing. Maybe when they’re older, and able to actively consent to it, I can make them famous.
  • Facebook. Many years ago, my best friend’s mum read her diary – a serious breach of schoolgirl diary protocol. Do the modern youth also feel so protective about their status updates?
  • Religion. I prefer not to discuss my god, gods, gurus or higher powers. I’m still working it out.
  • Domestic arguments. Some neighbours had a long-running domestic breakdown in their backyard. It was messy and noisy and painful to listen to.

My public parts

  • The bathroom. In a small house with small kids, our bathroom is just another room. It’s not unusual for all of us to be in the bathroom at the same time – one in the shower, one on the toilet and the others just chatting. Family time.
  • Twitter. I’m on it. Follow me @lorrainel if you wish, but I can’t guarantee the quality of my tweets!
  • This blog. I started “A life less digital” because I had so many thoughts whirling through my mind, and not enough people to rant to. I just have to remember that anyone in the world can read my blog. Greetings to my former colleagues and potential employers.
  • My name. Lorraine Leung. I’m not using a pseudonym because this is my blog about my thoughts. Good blogs reflect the personality and passion of real people. I’m not a poor student being paid $2 per blog article. Promise.

Here’s one I wrote later…

Pictures of my kids, or not? My kids are too attractive to put pictures of them in my blog. Their beauty and grace would make you weep tears of joyous wonder over your keyboard, rendering you unable to see or type.

Brought to you by the Interweb – My 1920s name

I grew up thinking I was unique, but if you Google me, there are quite a few of me around. Other Lorraine Leungs seem to have better careers and more friends than I do.

According to the Namevoyager, my name ‘Lorraine’ was most popular in the 1920s.

4 responses to “Show me your private parts

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  3. Our concept of private and public life is probably a bit more strict than that of teens today. But maybe by the time they go out to find jobs, even the interviewer will have silly photos of themselves all over the web. That will just be normal, and nothing to be embarrassed about …


  4. I don’t like FaceBook or Twitter and remain anonymous on my blog except to a few online friends. I am gobsmacked at how much teens will put online without worrying how it will look in later life especially very drunken or suggestive photographs. I’ve gone through every photo album of mine and my mother’s and destroyed all pictures of medium to high ghastliness. Now if I could just raid my sister’s albums I could live happy.


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