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Using tech for good, not evil

I was running a little quiz and a guy made a joke about looking up answers on his phone.

Him: But you’re a digital person aren’t you? It’s technology!

Me: I believe in technology for good, and not evil.

I can barely remember what life was like before search engines. Not because I am young, but because Googling has become so automatic.

There is barely a nanosecond between thinking “I wonder …” and someone tapping on search engine results. We have no time for pondering and musing. And everyone is a proxy expert.

Here are some things I Googled this week. Was this using technology for good?

  • Balayage. Freehand hair colouring technique. I’ve recently fired up my old Instagram account again , and there are entire accounts filled with bespoke heads of highlights.
  • Getting chicken fat out of suede. It happens.
  • Seokmin Ko. A Korean artist who holds up giant mirrors in beautiful places. See his wonderful art.
  • Harpy. Mythical bird women. See photo below that I took at The National Maritime Museum. Who knew that they were so well-proportioned?
  • Female astronauts. Because my daughter wants to be one.



Please make your way to your nearest procrastination station

The wonderful thing about procrastination is that the longer you put something off (like updating a blog), the better it feels when you actually do it (this blog post).

In the spirit of sharing my immediate achievements, today I have completed the following:

  • A plate of scallops fried with chorizo.
  • City of Death by James Goss.  Classy Dr Who pedigree as it’s based on an actual script by Douglas Adams. The book is a magical mix of time travel, aliens, jokes about Parisians and art history.Bonus points for mentioning one of my favourite sculptors Barbara Hepworth. (Full disclaimer: James is an old but still youthful friend, but even if I didn’t know that he hates fish with bones, I would still recommend this.)
  • My 2014 Australian tax return. Several months late, but DONE at last.
  • A tube of Yu-Be Moisturizing skin cream. I smell a bit like a mothball as it has camphor in it, but this stuff is good. (I need to shoe-horn more beauty products  in to this blog to make it more blog-y. )

Hooray. Done. Tick. Complete. Over and out.

All animals are created equal

We don’t have pets, but we do have some amusing animals in our lives. Here are some photos of our favourites so far…

Kangaroo with glasses

An air of resigned dignity on this poor kangaroo. The new management really don’t take her qualifications seriously.  

damian hirst dove

Amazed at Daiman Hirst’s dove.

Lego minifig crocodile man

Grrrr. No idea what this Lego minifig is. Some poor man trapped in a crocodile suit?

grape dragon

A once terrifying dragon rendered harmless by a bunch of grapes.

bees on orange flowers

So busy.

New York croissant cat

It’s a croissant cat!!




Ghostpatrol – it’s art, not vandalism!

For quite a while I have been cyber-stalking some Melbourne artists – Miso and Ghostpatrol. I regularly check out their websites, read about them and curse myself every time I miss their shows in Melbourne.

A few months ago, a wonderful thing happened. Ghostpatrol put a picture on my dad’s surgery in Fitzroy! (see pic below). I was visiting family in Melbourne, so saw it as I was driving by.

Picture on wall by ghostpatrol

My dad and his Ghostpatrol art

The broken surgery window you can see is part of the story too. Very early one morning, someone had pushed in the glass pane. Dad did a temporary repair, and the next night, the picture appeared.

My parents were immediately suspicious. They had a crazy theory that someone had broken the window (vandalism), and then pasted up a picture (graffiti). I had to energetically convince them that it was Art, and that they should NOT under any circumstances scrape it off. I shudder to think what they would have done if I hadn’t had been there …

It was so incredibly satisfying to see the beautiful brown paper boy peering out at me from the wall. Not just a picture on a website. Within a few days, the picture had been peeled away by wind and rain, but for a short time, the virtual had become real.

Brought to you by the Interweb – Pencil art

Ghostpatrol creates adorable artworks on sets of pencils… Jennifer Maestre makes very weird organic sculptures from pencils too.