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Alien fruit

On holiday, I like to relax. And take pictures of fruit.

camera + fruit + toys = alien fruit

peach and pear

Oversized luggage?

pears and alians

Take me to your leader.

garlic peach pear

Where did I leave that garlic?

Here’s one I wrote earlier

Tiny tablets and toys. It was a quiet morning at home. I was pondering the largeness of my multivitamin tablet.

The sound of one glove clapping. Hold my hand…

Wonderful whistles

The platform attendant (is this what they are called these days?) at the train station yesterday afternoon held a blue flag in one hand, a shiny gold tote bag in the other, and a whistle in her mouth. Most other train staff I have seen accessorise with an orange safety vest and a weary expression of unhelpfulness. I was very curious as to what she had in her gold not-quite-a-handbag. The standard wallet, keys, tissues and a lipstick? Or perhaps lots of flags in different amusing colours?

I like the fact that the train guards still use whistles. It’s reassuring to see an object that is simple, real (not virtual) and efficient being used for it’s original purpose. I hope they won’t be replaced by electronic devices with genuine whistle-simulation software.

Brought to you by the InterWeb – toy nunchuck with whistles

I found a description of a patent for a scary toy. “A toy double club with whistle including two elongate tubular bodies connected with a chain, each tubular body having a whistle in its inner cavity …” Just what every parent is looking for – a  noisy AND dangerous toy weapon.