Old technology doesn’t die, it just waits until it’s retro and sort of interesting again…

Picture 1: Old technology in dryers. The dials on my mum’s dryer (still operational). What is Orlon? Terylene? And Crimplene? They sound a bit like unfortunate siblings. Orlon – sturdy oldest boy, likes fishing, won’t eat peas. Twin girls Terylene – the one with freckles who likes horses and puppies, and Crimplene – slightly taller and allergic to cornflour.

Old dryer dials

Hello Orlon, Terylene and Crimplene

Picture 2: Old technology CD-ROMs. I found this CD-ROM in my brother’s room. I can’t remember if he actually used it, but CD-ROMs are so quaint now! Like being chaperoned around the Internet by jolly Mr Microsoft. When I was in high school, at home we had a set of brown and orange Rigby Joy of Knowledge Encyclopedias. I really did believe that all the world’s knowledge was contained in those shiny heavy books of joy.

Encarta 97 CD ROM cover

The Encarta 97 Encyclopedia

Picture 3: New technology as a donut. The future of donuts is no longer round. It is shaped like a mobile phone.

phone shaped donut

Talking crap and eating crap

Brought to you by the Interweb – Phones for the young and young at heart

I will probably not be buying a children’s phone for my kids or an old person’s phone for my parents.

3 responses to “Old technology doesn’t die, it just waits until it’s retro and sort of interesting again…

  1. I used that Encarta CD once. It was around the time the internet was becoming more accessible though, so it became redundant very quickly.

    Aren’t you glad I kept it? Otherwise you would have nothing to blog about.


  2. What about an old person’s remote? Mum and dad could definitely use one of these:



  3. HUNGRY for the donut.


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