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Just eat it

I can’t think of an underlying anti-digital point I can make about these pictures. They all have something to do with food. And they are pretty. Enjoy.

Rainbow cake

rainbow cake

Completely full of artificial colours and flavours

My daughter presented this tray to me: “A rainbow cake”.

The everlasting wedding cake

Felt wedding cake

My wedding cake made from felt!

When I got married this year, I had a cute cake made in felt. I hope it (and the marriage) last!

Fruit bowl

Fruit in wooden fruit bowl

I do like a bit of decorative fruit

I forgot that I had this lovely wooden bowl, and I’m now using it for fruit. This is the decorative fruit bowl, with tastefully arranged specimens. (The other fruit bowl has the almost-too-ripe bananas, sagging tomatoes and ancient kiwifruit.)

Lollipop tree

Lollipop stick on lawn

Will the lollipop tree grow?

Someone told the kids that if they planted their lollipip stick, it would grow in to a lollipop tree. They stuck it in the ground, watered it, and after about 5 minutes of intent stick-watching, wandered off.

Spotty cutlery


polka dot spoon, knife, fork

spot chew dot sip

I bought these beautiful Japanese spotty cutlery sets for myself as a wedding present.

King of snacks

Jam and cream bun

I love the decorative presentation squizzled on top...

I think this was a cream bun, or possibly a donut. It was bought from a local bakery in a country town. Almost enough of a reason to move to the country …

Old technology doesn’t die, it just waits until it’s retro and sort of interesting again…

Picture 1: Old technology in dryers. The dials on my mum’s dryer (still operational). What is Orlon? Terylene? And Crimplene? They sound a bit like unfortunate siblings. Orlon – sturdy oldest boy, likes fishing, won’t eat peas. Twin girls Terylene – the one with freckles who likes horses and puppies, and Crimplene – slightly taller and allergic to cornflour.

Old dryer dials

Hello Orlon, Terylene and Crimplene

Picture 2: Old technology CD-ROMs. I found this CD-ROM in my brother’s room. I can’t remember if he actually used it, but CD-ROMs are so quaint now! Like being chaperoned around the Internet by jolly Mr Microsoft. When I was in high school, at home we had a set of brown and orange Rigby Joy of Knowledge Encyclopedias. I really did believe that all the world’s knowledge was contained in those shiny heavy books of joy.

Encarta 97 CD ROM cover

The Encarta 97 Encyclopedia

Picture 3: New technology as a donut. The future of donuts is no longer round. It is shaped like a mobile phone.

phone shaped donut

Talking crap and eating crap

Brought to you by the Interweb – Phones for the young and young at heart

I will probably not be buying a children’s phone for my kids or an old person’s phone for my parents.

People v machines

I listened to the Important Business Man complain about the hardships of his Important Job to the furiously busy café owner, as I waited for my toasted cheese and tomato sandwich (wholegrain, no salt and pepper).

It would be very convenient if I could just text or email my order ahead, on the way to work, and then pick up my order – bypassing the Important Moaning Business People. Easy, time-saving and efficient. And removing yet another human interaction from my life.

Pros and cons of non-human transactions:

  • Online banking – hooray. No more wasted time in bank queues, wondering whether the same person designed the carpet AND the uniforms.
  • Ticket machines at train stations – hooray x2 now that our local station has a machine that takes cards. For readers living outside of New South Wales, yes – this is 2010, and yes – quite a few machines here will only take cash.
  • Mass Christmas ” oh haven’t we had a busy year” emails – boo. It’s great to hear what you and the brood have been up to, but I really really miss handwritten letters. And it’s not hard to pick up the phone/ mobile/ Skype handset thingy…
  • Sending virtual gifts – boo. Please don’t throw a smoked ham at me or grow me a virtual herb garden on Facebook. Why not buy some fresh cinnamon donuts to share for afternoon tea?

Our local shops include 4 cafes*. At my favourite one, the staff know my name, talk to my kids, give us free treats. It’s lovely and peronal and would not happen if I pre-ordered by mobile phone.

*We are a very up-and-coming neighbourhood. Refer to the original post on Stuff White People Like about coffee. And for bonus SWPL points,  I am an Asian Girl and my kids have two last names!

Brought to you by the Interweb – Donuts in art

I know donuts are ‘treat food’ (in kid-speak), but they are also a recurring theme in contemporary art. Look at these artistic rings of fried dough.